Damian Lizun received his MA in Conservation and Restoration of Paintings and Polychrome Sculpture from Nicholas Copernicus University, Torun, Poland. He was brought up in a unique atmosphere of respect for art and heritage in a family which has been involved in the conservation and restoration of art for two generations. His father, Zenon Lizun, and aunt Alicja Sek are respected conservators in Poland. Both graduated with a Master’s degree in Art Conservation from Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland. Also his cousin Maria Sek graduated with an MA in the Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. 

The care of cultural heritage is of enormous importance to the Polish, and the country has for this reason played a leading role in the development of ethics as well as the methodology of art conservation. The Polish idea of conservation has its beginnings in the second half of 19th century and is highly respected throughout the world. 

Combining art and science, Damian uses his experience in the conservation of artworks to preserve their history and beauty. His conservation philosophy relies on scientific evaluation to determine the appropriate treatment needed to restore the unity and integrity of each artwork. The idea of maximum reversibility is behind all of his treatments and use of conservation standard materials.

Some of his current work can be viewed on this website and include many aspects of conservation and restoration from technical analysis and  preventative treatments to full intervention and recovery, major and minor loss replacement and cleaning procedures. The treated works of art range from the 15th Century through Renaissance and Baroque to contemporary art, including large scale pieces like altars. Both the conservation works and the research carried out resulted in published papers in renowned scientific periodicals. Damian’s publications describe his conservation treatments of decorative arts, work that combines traditional artisan techniques with innovative methods and problem solutions.
He is a member of the Institute of Conservator-Restorers in Ireland (ICRI).